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Bark King's Wood Mulches

Cottage Mulch

Cottage Mulch - Bark King Cottage Mulch is a natural hardwood product with a pine colour appearance with good long lasting qualities. It has a fine texture and being a natural product, it is suitable for most plant types including natives.

Eucey Mulch

Eucey Mulch - Bark King Eucey Mulch has a product particle range of material 1mm to 15mm,with an average size 6mm to 10mm. Eucey Mulch is is a combination of wood materials which have been tub-ground and organic matter. Eucey Mulch is dark in appearance and gives a great natural organic look to all garden beds.

Pine Chips

Pine Chips - Bark King Pine Chips are considered a softwood product, yellow white in appearance and a particle range 12-25mm with an average size approximately 18mm. Generally Pine Chips rectangular appearance and are suited to larger garden beds or open areas.

Pine Flake Mulch

Pine Flake Mulch - Bark King Pine Flake Mulch is straw like in appearance, usually golden yellow to white, with a general particle range of 5-75mm long and 2-10mm wide. Pine Flake Mulch has excellent cushioning ability in impact situations, and is excellent also for embankments and slopes as the material knits well together.

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