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Bark King Group® Project Gallery

Bark King® have a wide range of products available to suit all garden and landscaping requirements. This gallery contains a small selection of projects that have used Bark King® to help them achieve a successful outcome.

Bark King's Coloured Garden

Bark King Softplay, project done by Warrandale Industries
This garden is displayed within Bark King's yard in Montrose and we use this area to showcases our Longalife® Coloured products and playground mulch. Starting from the left; Sunset Red, Midnight Black, Terracotta Chips, Forest Brown, Softplay, BK20 Black and BK20 Red.
All of the coloured products are coloured with a water based oxide, so it is not harmful for plants, animails or children.
The Softplay playground mulch is certified to the AS/NZS4422 standard and the certification is avaliable upon request.

Parkland Project

Parkland Project - BK20 Recycled Timber Mulch - Bark King Parkland Project BK20 Recycled Timber Mulch - Bark King
Bark Kings® BK20 recycled timber mulch is predominantly hardwood materials which have been through a grinding process. As shown in these pictures BK20 is suitable for many applications and well suited to steep embankments, large open and wind exposed areas and erosive areas; including wetlands and watercourse areas.

Warrandale Industries

Warrandale Industries have been one of Bark King's customers for over 18 years; they use a variety of our products depending on their current projects. This playground is the Golden Sun Moth Playground in Craigieburn, they have used our Softplay® mulch. Bark King® Softplay® is an Australian Standard (AS/NZS 4422) certified soft cushioning mulch, completely free of sharp materials and designed specifically for playgrounds
Warrandale Industries Contact Phone Number: 03 9761 8110

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