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Australian and family owned business since 1975
Proudly covering Victoria

As Victoria's premier mulch distributor, Bark King® supplies barks and mulches to most garden supplies in the metropolitan and rural areas. When it comes to barks and mulches the name Bark King® is on the preferred supplier lists within government departments, landscape firms, and playground specialist, this is something the company values and maintains.

Bark King's Longalife® Coloured range is very well established in the market. Our colour range includes; Sunset Red, Midnight Black, Terracotta and Forest Brown with the colours lasting up to 18 months.

Bark King's Longalife® Coloured mulches are fully biodegradable and an environmentally friendly product, with the dye being safe for plants, animals and children. The base product is made from 100% recycled timber mulch, that is ground up to an average size of 12mm in length.

Bark King's Longalife® Coloured mulches are suitable for mulching and decorative purposes in both domestic gardens and as large architect projects. It works well for contrasting against garden beds and paths and gives a spectacular finish to any landscape garden project.

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