Bark King's Longalife® Coloured Mulches

Bark King's Longalife® coloured mulches are available in four striking colours, providing more vibrancy and definition to landscaping projects. Coloured mulches are produced from recycled timber mulch, which is then put through a colour process using environmentally friendly products.The Longalife® coloured mulches have the added bonus of retaining colour for a substantial period than the tradal mulches and are available in;

Sunset Red
Forest Brown
Midnight Black
BK20 Black Coloured Mulch - Bark King
Midnight Black Coloured Mulch - Bark King
Terracotta Chips - Bark King

BK20 Black Mulch

Midnight Black Mulch

Terracotta Mulch

BK20 Red Coloured Mulch - Bark King
Sunset Red Coloured Mulch - Bark King
Forest Brown Coloured Mulch - Bark King

BK20 Red Mulch

Sunset Red Mulch

Forest Brown Mulch

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