Bark King's Composted Mulches

Diggers Compost

Diggers Compost - Bark King
Bark King's Diggers Compost is a black organic garden soil conditioner made from garden trimmings including leaves and branches, using a controlled batch composting technique. It is ideal for adding organic matter to both sandy and clay soils. Diggers Compost can be applied to the soil surface or dug into the soil prior to planting to improve soil condition and plant growth.

Feeda Mulch

Feeda Mulch - Bark King

Bark King's Feeda Mulch is a composted product mixed with aged poultry manure. The average PH level is 8.7 making this product versatile in applications including landscaping, vegetable gardens, new garden development and garden rejuvenation.

Organic Mulch

Organic Mulch - Bark King
Bark Kings Organic Mulch is a composted organic product, using a controlled batch composting technique, with added nitrogen
The Organic Mulch has a PH of approximately 6.9 and is dark grey to black in appearance. Organic Mulch is great for increasing the level of organic matter in the soil, which in turn improves moisture retention, reduces soil erosion and gives slow release of nutrients into the soil.

Bark King® Soil Range

3 Way Soil Mix

Eco Blend Soil - Bark King

Bark King® 3 Way Mix is a rich blend of soil with composted manure and organic matter with a high nutrient level making it the perfect base for vegetable gardens and garden beds that host plants such as annuals and roses.
Plant straight into 3 Way Mix or blend it with existing soil to rejuvenate and increase the level of organic matter to enrich and add nutrients to the soil.
Due to the high nutrient level, 3 Way Mix may not be suitable for native type gardens.

Standard Soil lawn mix

Standard Soil Mix - Bark King
Bark King's Standard Soil Mix is predominantly a sandy loam based soil, screened through 8mm grates. This product works well for lawns, with an average PH level of 7.7 Being a nutrient rich soil it needs no specific adjustment prior to planting.

Eco Blend Soil

Standard Soil Mix - Bark King

Bark King's Eco Blend Soil is a premium soil with a sandy loam base blended with organic matter, making it ideally suited for topping up garden beds, new gardens, planters and potted plants.

Veggie mix

Standard Soil Mix - Bark King
Bark King® Veggie Mix has been developed as a premium blend rich in nutrients and organic matter making it the perfect solution for vegetable gardens.

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