Bark King's Pine Bark Range

Superfine Pine Bark

Superfine Pine Bark is chocolate brown to black in colour, with particle sizes from sawdust to 5mm achieved from the sieving of hammer milled pine bark. Superfine Pine Bark average PH level is 5.5 and is useful for top dressing garden mulch and mixing into your potting mixes.

6-10mm Pine Bark

6-10mm Pine Bark is chocolatey brown nuggets in appearance, highly sort after graded pine bark. 6-10mm Pine Bark is a premium product choice for "high profile" landscaping works, particularly used in plant scape areas aiming to contrast to existing buildings.

12-20mm Pine Bark

12-20mm Pine Bark is larger heavier version of graded pine bark, it is predominately useful in larger garden beds or wider open spaces, and is resistant to the elements.12-20mm Pine Bark is dark brown in colour, and is a favourite material for commercial/industrial landscapes.

Multi Bark

Multi Bark is hammer milled pine bark, achieved from the pressing of raw pine bark through a hammer mill. Multi Bark's particle sizes range from sawdust to 75mm with an average size of 20-25mm. Golden brown in colour Multi Bark is very durable and is resistant to windy conditions as it knits to form a blanket type ground cover. Multi Bark can be very useful for embankments or steep slopes, commercial/ industrial or domestic.

Border Bark

Rich brown in colour Border Bark is processed through the hammer milling of raw pine bark. Border Bark particle size ranges from sawdust to 15mm in slender curly pieces that when applied as a mulch, knit up to form a blanket ground cover. Border Bark is very durable and resistant to wind, useful as cover for erosive areas and embankments. Border Bark also gives a great aesthetic appearance and can be applied to open areas.

Blended Bark

Blended Bark is a combination of our Pine Bark and Forest Brown Longalife® coloured mulch. The benefit of having the two products mixed is that you can still use the much loved Pine Bark, and the colour remaining for a longer period.

Forest Bark

Forest Bark is a combination of Pine Bark and Leaf Mulch that have been hammer milled together giving the bark more of a natural forest appearance. It has a longer life span than the Leaf Mulch and a more asethetically pleasing appearance.

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