Bark King's Recycled Timber Mulches

BK20 Timber Mulch

BK20 Recycled Timber Mulch - Bark King
BK20 Recycled Timber Mulch is recycled fence palings and pallets that have been hammer milled, and then screened to an average size of
20mm - 40mm. BK20 is particulary long lasting and best suited to large windy open areas, slopes and embankments.
This product is regularly used for freeways and housing subdivisions.

Recycled Timber Mulch

Recycled Timber Mulch - Bark King
The Recycled Timber Mulch is a particulary long lasting product that is predominantly used in the industrial sector, including housing subdivisions and commercial properties. Suitable for longer term applications it provides weed supression and soil protection. Particle size ranges from 10mm to 70mm in length and is made from recycled hardwood products that includes pallets and fencing material.

Budget Saver Mulch

Budget Saver Mulch - Bark King
The Budget Saver Mulch is composted down green waste, being dark in appearance and gives a natural organic look. Budget Saver Mulch can be used in a wide variety of applications including; landscaping, domestic gardens, new garden development and garden rejuvenation. It is an excellent product for native style gardens, stable in open exposed windy areas as well as being used in erosion areas.

Leaf Mulch

Leaf Mulch - Bark King
Leaf Mulch is raw chipped materials including trunk, branch and leaf matter but no grass or roots. Leaf Mulch matter is left to compost in windrows worked from old to new, and it is excellent for the native look for gardens featuring Australian native plants.

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